Sydney Ashland
Medical Practice Consultant
Meet Sydney
I am a Medical Practice Consultant with 22 years experience using her unique, Rapid Pattern Integration Technique and proven business strategies to effect permanent change in physicians’ lives.

Welcome! Prior to launching my private consulting practice in 2004, I worked in healthcare administration setting up Hospitalist programs, writing policy and procedures for hospitals, coordinating and overseeing project management for the offices of chief medical officer and chief of staff. In addition, I have personal entrepreneurial experience spanning the full life cycle of a company from start-up to scale to sale. I specialize in medical practice development and workplace strategies for physicians, medical students & medical professionals worldwide. Nothing is more exciting than watching a roomful of exhausted, depleted professionals come alive when attending one of our picturesque retreats. I help medical students, physicians and other healthcare professionals maneuver the very complex issues of today’s healthcare environments. There are answers! You don’t need to suffer in silence any longer. Let me help you create your ideal personal and professional life. 
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Top 10 Lies Doctors Tell Themselves
Pamela Wible, M.D. & Sydney Ashland, RPI
Retreat Intensive: Oregon Coast
Your capacity to change your life is unlimited! You can eliminate your confusion, become clear and MAKE A PLAN that will change your life…

Create a strategic plan that includes RAPID PATTERN INTEGRATION™ technique, guaranteeing your desired outcome. This technique, developed after years of working with clients, uses powerful imaging and imprinting to create personal and professional change. Change that takes place quickly, within weeks of implementing. 

Quickly learn:

How to brand what you do

How to identify your ideal patient or customer

How to attract your ideal without an advertising budget

How to develop policies and processes to support your business

How to find your perfect location

How to identify your strengths and fuel them

How to ask for the RIGHT KIND OF HELP 

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