Physicians at Risk
You are not alone...

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Neglecting Self
Over or Under Sleeping
Anxiety and Depression
Working Overtime-not Reporting Your Time
Fantasizing of Self-Harm

  • If you are confused, overworked, afraid of the future, there is hope!
  •  This is a safe place to be honest—Have the conversation
  •  You are NOT broken 
  •  You can trust your perceptions
  • There is no shame in exhaustion
  •  There is no shame in wanting more for yourself 
  •  Arrange for Confidential Coaching Below
  •                                 IF THIS DESCRIBES YOU....Get Help for Yourself!

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants need the support of peers and a place to connect in their common experience. You are not alone.
-Online Small Groups-
-Private Sessions-
-Regularly Scheduled Webinar Events-
Strategies to deal with:
 Charting, EMR's 
Conflict with in your Program 
STEP and Board Study
Anxiety Reduction
Individualized Action Plan
Family Crisis Management 
Fast Track Self-Study
Online Mastermind Groups
Individual and Group Retreats

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